Detta är en demo av LinkWatch-portalen. Mätningarna görs hemifrån regelbundet varje dag via en app eller dator och lagras i LinkWatch. Därifrån kan sedan kan olika diagram skapas, beroende på hur man vill följa upp mätningarna. Du kan byta period och summeringar genom att välja i listboxen. I högerkolumnen är exempel på råd och rekommendationer som vårdpersonalen kan förmedla till patienten. Tack vare sin öppenhet kan LinkWatch enkelt integreras i befintliga portaler och vårdsystem när patienten och vårdpersonalen behöver dela hälsodata.


LinkWatch Demo

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Regular exercise is good for us all. It helps lower blood pressure and heart disease risk, and helps us to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

This can be achieved by the Body Mass Index (BMI) which is calculated from your weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters squared. The healthy range for BMI is 19 – 25.

Overweight people with diabetes have more trouble keeping their blood glucose down and are also at increased risk of cardiovascular disease, so weight control through exercise and attention to diet is particularly important when the BMI is more than 25.

Regular, moderate exercise such as swimming or brisk walking 5 times per week for at least 30 minutes is ideal. An exercise session longer than 20 minutes is likely to significant lower your blood sugar (glucose), and you may need to top it up with a quick acting carbohydrate such as fruit juice.

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